Shocking Details From Lisa Marie Presley’s Death Scene

The sudden death of a celebrity can be particularly shocking. After all, celebrities create movies, TV shows, music and more that helps give them a kind of pop culture immortality. A celebrity death announcement is a reminder that even the biggest celebrities are only human, and we can lose anyone at any time.

It was shocking to hear about the death of Lisa Marie Presley, the famous daughter of Elvis Presley, who died at the young age of 54 in her own home. Everyone from family to fans was left reeling and asking one big question: just what happened to Lisa Marie?

Now, new information from her death scene has come to light. While it doesn’t answer every question, it may help fans who are both curious and upset over Lisa Marie Presley’s death to find closure.

When Lisa Marie Presley died, it was apparently due to cardiac arrest, though the jury is still out on that (more on this in a minute). And after the fact, it was natural for those closest to the celebrity to wonder if there were any kind of warning signs that they could have noticed that might have ultimately saved Lisa Marie’s life.

Unfortunately, there was not much in the way of a serious warning. As TMZ reports, she was complaining about severe stomach pain only hours before her death. While this is one of the signs of cardiac arrest, it can also simply be a sign of indigestion. It was impossible for those around her to know exactly how serious her symptoms were until it was too late.

At a glance, the most likely cause of death for Lisa Marie Presley is cardiac arrest. Not only does this match her symptoms, but it would also line up with other details, including the fact that her heart had to be restarted once she arrived at the hospital.

However, as CNN reports, the coroner did not determine a cause of death right away. Instead, he deferred the cause of death, which means that he needs additional details about her death and possibly additional studies before he can render a final verdict.

This news comes as a mixed blessing for fans of Lisa Marie. On one hand, it’s a reassuring sign that the coroner is taking this matter so seriously. On the other hand, fans hoping to get a sense of closure from knowing her cause of death must wait even longer for answers.

Given how young Lisa Marie Presley was when she died, and given that she may have died from the same thing that killed her famous father (cardiac arrest), many fans assumed that drugs were involved in some way in her death. For example, there was rampant speculation that drugs led to her having a heart attack that she might have been able to survive or even avoid if she was clean.

However, such speculations ended up seemingly being dead wrong. As reported by Bol News, investigators found no visible narcotics at the scene of Lisa Marie’s death. Considering that this happened at her home, such drugs would likely have been visible, especially if using them was what led to her death.

Once the coroner issues a final report, we may know more about the role that drugs did or did not play in her death. Right now, though, it looks like narcotics were not a factor in her sudden passing.

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