What’s Inside a Pimple? (It’s Not What You Think) – by Sandra Lee,Dr. Pimple Popper

What’s Inside a Pimple? The Surprising Truth

Pimples are a common skin issue that many people experience. But what exactly is inside a pimple? Sandra Lee, also known as “Dr. Pimple Popper,” has the answer.

What Causes Pimples

Pimples form when dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria clog hair follicles. This can result in an infection, which creates red, swollen, and often painful pimples.

What’s Really Inside a Pimple

Contrary to popular belief, the white material often seen in pimples is not pus. It’s actually a mixture of dead skin cells and oil. When a pimple becomes infected, it can produce pus, which is a mixture of white blood cells, bacteria, and other debris.

Why You Shouldn’t Pop Pimples

Popping pimples can cause further infection and scarring. It’s also important to avoid picking at pimples, as this can cause bacteria to spread to other areas of the skin. Instead, try using a spot treatment or seeing a dermatologist for advice on how to safely treat pimples.

The Role of Sandra Lee, “Dr. Pimple Popper”

Sandra Lee is a board-certified dermatologist who has gained a following on social media for her pimple-popping videos. While some find the videos satisfying, Lee cautions that pimple popping should only be done by a professional in a safe and sterile environment.

The Benefits of Seeing a Dermatologist for Pimple Treatment

A dermatologist can assess the severity of your pimple and recommend the best treatment options, such as prescription creams, light therapy, or gentle extraction. By seeking professional treatment, you can reduce the risk of infection, scarring, and other complications.

How to Prevent Pimples

To prevent pimples, it’s important to maintain good skin hygiene. This includes washing your face twice a day, avoiding touching your face, and using non-comedogenic products that won’t clog your pores. Eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress can also help keep your skin clear.


Pimples are a common skin issue, but understanding what’s inside them and the dangers of popping them can help you maintain healthy skin.

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