From the moment his debut single Austin was released, Blake Shelton became a true sensation. Today, the country music star and TV personality who has been judge on the televised singing competitions Nashville Star, and Clash of the Choirs, as well as a coach on NBC’s The Voice since its inception, has sold his albums gold and platinum.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected every single person, in one way or another, Shelton and Stefani spent quite some time in his native Oklahoma before they moved to their LA mansion, and the lockdown took its tool when it came to Shelton’s physical appearance.

The singer was practically unrecognizable during a virtual concerts and that made his fans raise concerns over his health.

Shelton then opened up about the unhealthy eating habits he developed during the quarantine, including consuming plenty of cheeseburgers and beer which led to him gaining weight.

Allegedly, the musician suffered a minor heart-attack and that was his wake-up call that he needed to change his lifestyle.

According to media outlets, he south help from his fellow colleague Kelly Clarkson who advised him to try the keto diet, which is a very strict low-carb diet that helps the body get into a state of ‘ketosis.’

Apparently, this diet helped him lose weight, and today, he is looking better than ever.

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