Remember Abby & Brittany? Take A Deep Breath And See Them Now

Years after Birth, Siamese Twins Share Shocking News

Siamese twins Abby and Brittany Hensel, born in 1990, became worldwide news due to their unique condition. It’s not every day that one hears about the birth of healthy Siamese twins. However, after 22 years, these remarkable twins have made an announcement that has shocked the world.

Back in the Limelight

Ever since their birth, the Siamese twins have consistently surprised everyone with their extraordinary way of life. Being conjoined, they have navigated daily tasks and achieved various successes in their own unique way. Now, over two decades later, this astonishing news has put them back in the spotlight.

A Rare Anatomical Connection

Abby and Brittany Hensel were born on March 7th, 1990, in Carver County, Minnesota. At birth, doctors discovered that they were attached in an incredibly rare manner. They are known as dicephalic paragabus twins, which means they share one body.

Slim Chance of Survival

The Hensel twins faced extremely low odds of survival. Siamese twins are already exceptionally rare, with only about 1 in 189,000 babies being born as Siamese twins. Moreover, only 11% of this already small population are born dicephalic paragabus. The chances of Abby and Brittany being born were astronomically small.

Unconventional Anatomy

One aspect that continues to baffle medical experts is the unique anatomy of the twins. While their upper bodies are distinct, with two stomachs, two hearts, and four lungs, they share a lower body. They possess one reproductive system, one large intestine, and a shared liver.

Challenges Due to Anatomic Configuration

Because of their distinctive anatomical makeup, the twins face peculiar circumstances when it comes to illness. Abby can only experience discomfort on the left side of her body, while Brittany suffers from severe pains on her right side. If one sister experiences stomach pains, the other sister experiences the same symptoms.

Incredible Distinctions

The two girls even have different body temperatures. In their TLC reality show, “Abby & Brittany,” Brittany describes the division between their bodies as an imaginary red line down the middle. Brittany often feels warm and sweaty, while Abby doesn’t face any issues and generally feels completely fine.

Working in Perfect Harmony

Despite their physical connection, the twins possess the ability to move all body parts independently. Each sister controls one arm and one leg, necessitating their collaboration from a very young age to crawl, walk, swim, brush their hair, and even drive side by side.

Driving License Success

Their driving skills were showcased on their reality show, where Brittany explained that they both had to pass the driving test individually. “We have two driver’s licenses, and when we got them, we both had to take the test – and we both passed,” she proudly declared.

Efficiency through Cooperation

Each sister takes charge of her respective half of the shared body while driving. Abby manages the gas and brakes, and together, they both steer the vehicle. The sisters exude confidence behind the wheel and consider themselves to be adept drivers.

Unique Fashion Preferences

Despite their shared body, Abby and Brittany retain their individual taste in fashion. They don’t always want to wear matching outfits, as revealed in a 2013 interview with BBC. Abby confessed, “We definitely have different styles. Brittany prefers neutral colors, pearls, and that kind of stuff.”

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