Children in the foster care system often endure long, difficult roads before finding stable, safe homes. This makes the moment they’re finally adopted all the more joyous.

When that time came for 6-year-old Harvey, his foster parents captured the moment on camera. This sweet boy had been with them since he was 2 years old.

For the big reveal, Dad showed Harvey a sign they made. Along with his name was the message “forever ours.” At fist, little Harvey didn’t understand what this meant. But then Dad made things clearer with words he’s been waiting to hear: “How about… Harvey is officially adopted!”

Harvey’s eyes grew wide with excitement. He could hardly believe what he was told and went on to ask “I’m adopted!?” three more times.

He even made sure to confirm that this means he gets to stay with them at their home forever. Once reality hit him, Harvey began to, quite literally, jump for joy. What an absolutely heartwarming moment!