For months, Joe Biden’s reelection campaign largely refrained from lashing out at Donald Trump by name. They’re now firing their first official shot.

Hours before Trump was scheduled to appear in a primetime interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity — and the same day the former president revealed a third criminal indictment is likely forthcoming — Biden’s campaign lambasted Trump for sitting for “softball townhalls.” In a statement provided exclusively to POLITICO, it also made a nod to the forthcoming Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where the GOP next year will formally declare its nominee…OMGGG!!!!!!!

Highly respected pollster John McLaughlin recently stated that he is expecting an “electoral landslide” in favor of Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

This statement

comes as President Joe Biden has continually lost approval across the nation, and “Bidenomics” has proved to be a disaster for the middle class.

In a recent interview, McLaughlin pointed out that as Trump has been hit with more legal opposition, his numbers in the polls have risen as well.