The lives of the British royals have always been of much interest to the public, and Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, who is a much-loved member of the family, is not an exception. What’s most, the media follows her every move, and that includes her parenting style, her choice of outfits, and her leisure time activities among the rest.

As much as being appreciated as a Princess, Kate is often praised for the way she raises her children.

Both she and William tend to teach George, Charlotte, and Louis to live by certain values and have normal childhood, as much as that is possible.

A source speaking to OK! told the magazine that the Prince and Princess of Wales have to juggle royal responsibilities and raise their three children simultaneously, which isn’t easy at times.

“William and Kate have been put in a very difficult position of choosing between the right path for their family or the future of the monarchy. Both are very important to them, but they have decided to put their children first while they are so young.”

However, with the children being on their autumn half-term holidays from school, which began on October 13 and will last until October 31, Kate will take a short break from her public royal engagements too. Instead, she will spend more time with her children.

Prince William is set to attend the Earthshot Prize Award, but Kate won’t be joining him because she wants to help George prepare for his exams.

“The Princess will not be attending. Prince George has exams that week, and the Princess wants to be at home to support him,” a source told The Mirror.

We are glad our favorite Princess is getting the much-deserved holiday.

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