Gere’s recovery began days ago, with Silva noting that “the worst has already passed.” She assured fans that Gere was “feeling much better,” as were their two young sons who also fell ill.

Gere shares sons Alexander, 4, and James, 2, with Silva, while he has a 23-year-old son, Homer, from a previous marriage. Silva has a 10-year-old son, Albert, from her past marriage.Gere and Silva’s love story began in 2014, culminating in marriage in April 2018. A film source noted that Gere has found happiness in this chapter of life, being settled and content.

Richard Gere’s health scare in Mexico cast a shadow over his wife Alejandra Silva’s 40th birthday celebrations. Gere, 73, contracted pneumonia, but recent updates offer hope. Silva shared pictures of their festivities, revealing, “As you can see, we are all mostly recovered.”

TMZ reported last week that the “Maybe I Do” actor’s family vacation in Mexico had been interrupted by a bad bout of pneumonia.

According to Gere’s wife, philanthropist Alejandra Silva, the family was already feeling under the weather when they traveled from New York to Mexico to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Gere, 73, had a persistent cough that prompted him to seek treatment, which led to his pneumonia diagnosis and hospitalization. Their youngest son, James, also was diagnosed with pneumonia, while Silva and their other son, Alexander, struggled with sinusitis and ear infections.

After the news broke, the Gere family received an outpouring of love and support over the weekend via social media.

“I woke up this morning and I saw the news and all your kind and worry messages, he is recovering ❤️‍???? he is felling much better today!” Silva captioned a photo of the family up and about. “The worst has already [passed]! Thank you all for you sweet messages we really appreciate them! ♥️♥️ #thankyou”

On Tuesday the activist shared another update to her Instagram, with a photo of Silva turning to smile at the camera and Gere carrying one of their sons on his shoulders.

“Hi everyone, a little update, Richard is feeling much better,” the caption read. “We are all feeling much better, ‘almost’ back to normal.. we want to thank doctor Rios’s and the hospital la Joya.

“We came to Mexico to continue with our conservation project south of Puerto Vallarta, we all came sick from NY, our youngest James and Richard got Pneumonia and Alexander and I sinusitis and ear infections, now we are all well and almost fully recovered. Thank you all for your messages!”

Silva slipped a vintage shot of Gere à la “American Gigolo” into the post with a caption joking, “Richard wanted me to post this second photo to show you that he is feeling much better.”