At 88 years old, Julie Andrews defies age and continues to find happiness and inspiration in the world of music. The beloved actress from The Princess Diaries has transformed her house in the Hamptons into a symphony of songs that uplift her spirits. Surrounded by her favorite show tunes, she immerses herself in the joy of music, as insiders on RadarOnline have reported.

Julie’s love for music is truly timeless and has touched the lives of many. A close friend of hers highlights, “Every moment of her life is now embraced with a deep sense of gratitude for the simple yet deeply touching joys of life.” From laughing with loved ones to the soothing scent of fresh flowers, her days are filled with simple pleasures that bring her absolute enjoyment.

Recently, on her birthday, October 1st, Julie celebrated in a way that was uniquely fitting for her. She was spotted at the Sag Harbor farmers market carefully selecting fresh flowers, radiating in her vibrant aura. Despite leaning on her walking cane for support, her genuine smile warmed the hearts of all, including the photographers.

“When asked about my birthday celebration,” Julie shared, “I spent it surrounded by my loving family at home.” The following day, we dined at a fabulous restaurant for supper. I was deeply moved by the overwhelming number of birthday greetings and kind gestures that came my way.