A woman was confused about how her boyfriend’s family Thanksgiving went so wrong and why her boyfriend was so angry at her about it. She turned to Reddit to find out if she was at fault.

A 30-year-old woman was dating a man who had broken up with his high school sweetheart just a year before they had begun dating. While he had put that relationship behind him, it was not the same for his family members.

The woman’s boyfriend’s mother was heartbroken that he and his childhood sweetheart had broken up. The older woman felt like the woman’s boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend was part of their family as she had grown up with them.

The breakup was amicable as the couple grew apart as they got older and decided it was time to end their relationship. However, this didn’t stop the woman’s boyfriend’s mother from taking it out on her.

How Did the Woman’s Boyfriend’s Mother Treat Her?
The woman entered the relationship, understanding that it might take his family some time to get used to him being with someone else. She thought his mother needed her to know her, and things would improve.
When the woman’s boyfriend’s mother eventually stopped calling her by the ex-girlfriend’s name, she still didn’t call her the correct name. She would call the woman Jenny instead of Janet, and so on.

The first few times this happened, the woman corrected her boyfriend’s mother. However, she soon realized it seemed that the older woman enjoyed hurting her, so she stopped correcting her when she called her the wrong name.