Patrick Hardison received devastating injuries in a house fire as he attempted to rescue a woman he believed to be trapped in the blaze.

This brave man was left with third-degree burns to his entire face and scalp – for years he wore a baseball cap, sunglasses, and prosthetic ears in public.

Patrick recalled children running away when they saw him, but his life changed again in 2015 when he underwent the most extensive face transplant ever.

As per reports, Hardison had a 50/50 chance of surviving the face transplant. However, the surgery – which took 26 hours and more than 100 people working in two teams – was a success. Today, Patrick Hardison is living life alongside his beloved wife and children.

Today, we have so much knowledge about the human body. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, and all others in the field of medicine are true heroes, doing everything they can to help people get better. Moreover, it’s mind-blowing what can be done to save a life these days. Take for example, surgeons who can replace a heart or a kidney.

Patrick Hardison – face transplant

With the knowledge experts have today, it’s even possible to change an entire face for people in need. Face transplants have been performed since 2005, when Isabelle Dinoire became the first-ever person to receive one. In 2015, another very special face transplant was performed in the US, when Patrick Hardison became the first American to undergo the procedure.