What special gift do you give to the person you’ve been married to for 50 years? That’s the question Lee Wilson, a farmer in Kansas, asked himself as his anniversary approached. He first met his wife, Renee, in high school, though the two didn’t become a couple immediately due to the fact that she couldn’t date anyone until she turned 16 years old.

As soon as her birthday came around, however, Lee gave Renee a call. The two of them had their first date at a roller skating party, and they’ve been together ever since! Thinking back on their decades of being in love, Lee knew he had to do something special.

Finally, it hit him: He’d plant acres-worth of her favorite flower.

“I put a lot of thought into it and she always liked sunflowers,” Lee said. “And I thought this is the year to plant sunflowers so I planted her 80 acres of sunflowers.”