When we try to please everyone, we often end up pleasing no one, including ourselves. This is something an anonymous Reddit member learned the hard way.

Taking to the AITA subreddit, this person started his story by explaining that he has been a very successful individual compared to the rest of the members of his family. He frequently traveled abroad for work, but whenever he was in his hometown he made sure he treated his family members to dinner.

This time, it wasn’t any different. The moment his mom learned he was coming home, she informed him of the family gathering she organized. She texted him the location of a high-end steakhouse and told him the family would be waiting for him there.

However, when he entered the place he was shocked to see over 20 people gathered there. Until then, the family gatherings consisted of around six people whom he was close to. This time, his mom even invited one of OP’s grandma’s neighbors, a person OP only met a few times during his life. He never even spoke to this person, only waved hi.