Farmer And 16 Cows Found Dead, Cause Of Death Finally Discovered

Note: In order to increase awareness for the Mike Biadasz farm safety and education memorial fund, we are republishing this story. Visit their website here and Facebook page here to learn more.

A “deadly dome of air” erupted in the manure holding tank of a Wisconsin farm, resulting in the freak accident deaths of the farmer and sixteen of his cattle.

Michael Biadasz, a 29-year-old farmer from Amherst, Wisconsin, perished from gas poisoning on his family’s farm after being overpowered by vapors of sulfur oxide or methane, according to WAOW. Thirteen of the farm’s animals also perished at first, and three more died subsequently, for a total of sixteen cattle deaths

The catastrophe, according to the 29-year-old’s father Bob Biadasz, co-owner of Biadasz Farms, was caused by a “perfect storm” of peculiar and unforeseen weather circumstances. Warm upper air temperatures confined the gasses in a dome of air when the tank was ready to be pumped, poisoning Michael and the animals in the process.

It was alleged that when other laborers showed up to start removing manure from the tank, Biadasz was already dead.

Portage County Coroner Scott Rifleman told WAOW, “The family is devastated, absolutely devastated.”

Rifleman told WSAW that the incidence is even more unexpected because gas poisoning deaths usually happen in closed spaces. The coroner stated that the gasses could not escape due to air pressure.

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